About Elements

We believe people come first.

This is what sets Elements apart. We combine our unique human DNA and technical craftsmanship into every digital experience we create for our customers. It’s our responsibility to maintain this human factor to make tech work for us and with us. This is how we will keep leading the way to a smarter, more human-focused future.

Our pragmatic mindset and down-to-earth attitude have not changed since our early start in 1996. While our relatively small team consists of people from different backgrounds, a passion for technology and user experience brings us together. Therefore it's our mission to

“Help you progress by turning complex challenges into relevant, exciting and easy to use digital products ”


The human element is at the heart of every decision we make and solution we create, for our clients as well as their customers. We gather insights that fuel our imagination and help us create unforgettable digital experiences. We measure our success by how well we find the sweet spot that bridges the business needs with peoples’ needs. It’s the secret to our success and how we create joyful and relevant experiences.

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